East Carroll Parish Big Buck Contest

Trail Camera Contest

2017 - 2018

        Entries must be taken with a trail camera set-up outdoors and will be judged on the uniqueness of the photo.  Entries are now being accepted.  If you have any questions or have a photo to submit, contact us at ecpbigbuckcontest@gmail.com



'Wood Duck Bats'

Andy Brister



'Is This Comet, Cupit, Donner, Dancer or Prancer?'

Andy Brister




'Do You Have My Head?'

Andy Brister




'Checkin' for Boogers'

Andy Brister



'Lift Off!'

Abigail Payne



'Hello Deer, I Don't Share!'

Barbara Toney




'Help...I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up'

Chelsea Brown




'Got 99 Problems But An ITCH Ain't One'

Chelsea Brown




'My Turn Yet, Mom?'

Ella Claire Payne





'Whatcha Lookin' At?!'

Gabrielle Brown




'Just Grazing'

Jeffrey Smitherman




'May the Best Buck Win'

Phillip Stilwell




'Lit Up'

Andy Brister




'Fly By Night'

James Bass Jr




'Thank You for the Corn I'm About to Receive AMEN'

Cole Boyte




'Deep Thoughts'

Noah Payne




'Mr. Ugly'

Willie Aarons




'Lookin' for the Ladies'

Michael Fortenberry



'Breakfast with the Boys'

Michael Fortenberry



'Hen Party'

Debbie Fortenberry




'That's a DEER Feeder'

Debbie Fortenberry




'All You Can Eat Buffet'

Keith Dunn



'Dining in the Snow'

Keith Dunn




'Everyone's Invited'

Keith Dunn



'Afternoon Snack'

Keith Dunn




'Supper Time'

Cheri Pearson




'Did NOT!  Did TO!'

Cheri Pearson



'Standing Out'

Ronnie King




'Taking a Break'

Rodney Smitherman





'Snow Day'

Rodney Smitherman




'Searching for Goldilocks?'

Rodney Smitherman






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